Acts of Homemaking

This Christmas, simple home improvements become beautiful acts of kindness.

Client: Woodie's

The Challenge

Like many in the homeward category throughout covid, Woodie’s experienced a unique year of cultural relevance as people got closer to their homes and spent more time decorating, painting and creating new rooms and spaces. Our challenge was to connect with a younger audience and show them that gifting doesn’t have to be about the big material items you’d usually expect. Because this year, Christmas is about caring for one another. So we wanted to make sure that when our audience thought ‘home’, Woodie’s was the first brand to come to mind.

The Idea

Home improvements are no longer seen as chores. They are far more beautiful than that. Because acts of homemaking are acts of kindness for yourself and those you love. Even the simplest of changes can improve someone’s life at home.

And if ever there was a Christmas to look out for one another, 2020 was the one. So, we told the story of how one small act of homemaking becomes an act of kindness from one neighbour to another.

The Outcome

The film was shot over two days on a street aptly named Ebenezer Terrace. We teamed up with renowned director, Zak Emmerson and production company Butter to bring this heart-warming story to life. We created a 60”, 40”, 30” and a 6” edit for TVC and social.

However, this campaign reflects how communities across Ireland are looking out for one another. So, we took this caring, festive spirit instore and designed a range of free neighbourly Christmas cards for customers to pick up. A simple and thoughtful gesture from one neighbour to another that offers a helping hand over the Christmas period, should they need it.

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