Riding the White Claw Wave

The purest hard seltzer in the world.

Client: White Claw
Website: whiteclaw.com

The Challenge

With the declining sugar laden alco-pop, and cider market in the US there was a gap for a new player in town – the hard seltzer. The alcoholic sparkling water craze was about to hit America, but with a number of hard seltzers entering this unfamiliar category, we needed to set ourselves apart.

The Idea

We looked to White Claw’s DNA – purity – and captured its essence as “the purest hard seltzer in the world”

The Outcome

We found the world’s purest wave, in the clearest water, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. We also found the perfect person to capture it – internationally acclaimed wave photographer Brent Bielmann. Shot entirely in stunning black and white, the film’s cinematography beautifully delivers on the sensation of powerful, pure refreshment.

The Impact

The films racked up over 2 million views online, and White Claw currently sits and number one in the US hard seltzer market.

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