Family Makes Us Better

Putting Family at Tesco’s Heart.

Client: Tesco

The Challenge

Irish people were shopping in Tesco, but there was no warmth or real connection with the brand.

The Idea

Tesco needed a new strategic direction. Something with heart. Something that would make people feel things. People love their families. People shop for their families. So we put family at the heart of everything.

The Outcome

A campaign that put the full focus on family. But not just bluster – we challenged Tesco to really think about family in everything they did, letting them truthfully say: ‘Family Makes Us Better’. A heart-warming film asked Irish people to reflect on the warm feels their own family brought out in them.

The Impact

People felt a connection with Tesco on a personal level that they hadn’t felt before. Tesco now felt like a brand that really knew Irish people, and was genuinely invested.

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