Here’s to the Hosts

Celebrating the unsung heroes of Christmas.

Client: Tesco

The Challenge

We were tasked with winning the hearts of Irish shoppers at Christmas, a notoriously cluttered period. We knew we had to do something different and meaningful.

The Idea

We decided to celebrate the one person in every household that makes Christmas magical for us all – The Host. Hosting Christmas is a huge undertaking. It was about time that the people who do all the hard work are properly acknowledged for all their time, effort and care. So this year, Tesco decided to dedicate everything to making the host’s experience easier and more enjoyable than ever.

The Outcome

Given the intimate nature of Christmas, instead of the thank-you coming from Tesco, it came directly from real families. For the entire season, we turned all of Tesco’s advertising channels into a platform of thanks for the people of Ireland to personally thank their own Christmas hosts.

The Impact

With 120 deliverables across all its brands, this was by far Tesco’s most ambitious -and certainly most innovative – Christmas campaign in Ireland to date. The campaign exceeded all expectations and saw record levels of engagement with the Tesco brand. But most importantly, real hosts around the country finally received the thanks for all they do for us at Christmas.


2 x Gold, 2 x Silver FAB Awards

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