Big Can Be Good

A big campaign with big ambition.

Client: Tesco

The Challenge

It seemed Tesco was seen as the big bad wolf of supermarkets in Ireland. People were suspicious of its size and felt that Tesco didn’t care about them, so they had no reason to care about it.

The Idea

We took the very thing that’s seen as a negative about Tesco – its size – and turned it on its head by demonstrating the benefits of being big, to customers, suppliers and local communities. This became an invitation to people to think about Tesco’s size in a whole new way.

The Outcome

We celebrated “big” with a huge new brand campaign featuring tilt-shift miniaturisation, delivering across every conceivable touchpoint consumers might encounter the brand – from TV to till receipts and everything in between.

The Impact

We demonstrated that Tesco cares about their customers. We helped them bare their soul show the show public what they stand for. And we made sure people found out about all the good things they do.

NPS jumped by 10%, scores on brand likeability and trust saw big increases. But perhaps most importantly for any retailer, the greatest impact was seen in sales. For the first time in years, the decline was halted from -2.6% to -.5%.


1 x Silver ICAD

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