Ready When You Are

Client: DAA

The Challenge

Given the many terrible impacts of COVID-19, it was necessary to protect people by imposing restrictions on our movements. This included foreign travel and the ability to reconnect in person with our loved ones abroad. Now that the Irish Government has allowed EU travel to resume, Dublin Airport and Cork Airport, along with their airline partners, have put all safety measures in place to help us fly again and make those journeys that matter so much to us.

The Idea

Ready When You Are.
We all have a favourite object that reminds us of travel and instantly puts us in the mood to go. This spot focuses on three people reuniting with their talismanic objects – reunions that are that bit more emotional for not having happened in well over a year. The message is that, with all the safety regulations firmly in place at Dublin Airport and Cork Airport, “when you’re ready to go, we’re ready to help”

When choosing track for our film, we wanted something that captured the joy, optimism and escapism of travel. The Harry Nilsson/Fred Neil classic “Everybody’s Talkin” does that job perfectly. But as a quintessentially Irish brand, we wanted to give the song a contemporary Irish twist. As long-time fans of Loah, we were absolutely thrilled when she agreed to come on board and we’re deeply proud to feature her exquisite and powerful voice in our ad.

The Outcome

“Ready when you are” strikes the right balance of excitement and prudence. And the story of three characters emotionally reuniting with their beloved travel objects before converging excitedly in the airport felt like a suitably warm way to communicate that. Tom Merillion directed with huge sensitivity and Loah gave us a spine-tingling rendition of “Everybody’s Talkin” with the help of maestro John Walsh. We had great collaborators throughout, and I think it shows.”

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