Be Bold

Thieving the cider market with a bold new brand.

Client: Orchard Thieves

The Challenge

Until recently, one big player, with a whopping 80% share dominated the Irish Cider Category. Orchard Thieves was a brand new cider that wanted to change this.

The Idea

Crafted to appeal to a vibrant, urban audience, who seek out new experiences and adventures, the brand idea that fuelled our campaign was to reward those who boldly pursued enjoyment. We launched Orchard Thieves with the simple mantra, BE BOLD.

The Outcome

We launched a bold new identity with equally bold executions – from stealing airtime by hijacking other brands’ ads, to a website that let users thieve free pints, everything was crafted to create a bold, thrilling brand personality.

The Impact

Awareness reached 55%, and 1.1 million people ended up with a pint of Orchard Thieves in their hand. That’s a third of the population!


2 x Gold APMC Awards

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