See Green

A Chrome Extension to help colour blind rugby fans follow Ireland at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Client: IRFU

The Challenge

This year, the Rugby World Cup takes place over 13,000 kilometres away in Japan. The IRFU wanted to make sure every supporter could follow Ireland in the competition, no matter what. Working with the IRFU, we identified one specific audience who would struggle to follow Ireland in Japan – colour blind rugby fans.

There are over 250,000 Ireland fans who suffer from colour blindness, resulting in them sometimes struggling to even follow the ball, let alone the team.

The Idea

We developed a Chrome Extension to ensure all colour blind fans could See Green.

The Outcome

The campaign launched the story of Bobby Blakeney, an avid Ireland supporter for 74 years, who suffers from severe colour blindness and is unable to distinguish accurately between green and red.
To help Bobby and all colour blind fans across the country see the emerald green of Ireland, we developed ‘See Green’ a Google Chrome extension. The tool allows colour blind users to apply a colour overlay to a video by adjusting the hue, saturation, and contrast. The extension can be used on desktop for any matches that are being streamed, enriching the experience across all spectrums of colour blindness. Although only 5% of the population are colour blind, they are as important to the IRFU as any fans, and deserve to stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who love rugby – now they can.

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