It’s your call

Flipping the rules of sponsorship.

Client: Heineken

The Challenge

The biggest sporting event of the year would be flooded with brands trying to attach themselves. Heineken needed stand-out sponsorship to…well, stand out.

The Idea

We used Heineken’s sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup to flip the rules, and give fans the opportunity to get on the pitch and flip the coin at the start of the biggest rugby game in the world.

The Outcome

“It’s your call” – a campaign that got fans more involved than they ever thought possible. We took a sacred moment of the rugby game – the coin toss, a ceremony heretofore reserved for the ref – and opened it up to the world. Specially minted coins, and a global film, created a call-to-arms inviting fans to be in with a chance to toss a coin at the opening of the Rugby World Cup Final.

The Impact

This never-seen-before flipping of rules gave real meaning to Heineken’s official sponsorship status. It also got to mint its own coins… Unfortunately you can’t buy beer with them though.

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