Go Hunky Dorys Or Go Home

Client: Tayto Snacks

The Challenge

Ask anyone in Ireland to talk about Hunky Dorys and they’ll tell you how much they love their intense flavour and crunchiness. But as for the brand, they wouldn’t have much to say. So, it was time to make the Hunky Dory’s brand mean something to consumers while making them laugh in the process.

The Idea

The story behind the campaign comes from the simple fact that crisps as intense as Hunky Dorys couldn’t be made using the ‘usual’ methods. There’s an undeniable passion behind each taste battering sensation. And that passion comes from a very special employee working on the Hunky Dorys’ production line. He’s known as ‘The Crinkler’.

Played by Irish comedian Darren Conway, Christie the Crinkler is one in a lifetime. Born with the ‘gift to crinkle’ he screams motivation into these tasty morsels as a matter of principle. He’d even do it for free – as his da’ once said ‘Go Hunky Dorys or Go Home’.

The Outcome

We worked closely with renowned director, Chris Balmond and online comedian Darren Conway when developing a 30” hero TVC. The campaign was supported by two online films, social media, digital display, OOH and POS.

When the campaign launched, it didn’t take long for the laughs, comments and conversations to kick off. Within the first month the campaign received 137.1K organic engagements with a 650K organic reach. Christie the Crinkler finally had people talking about Hunky Dorys. And as a result, positive sentiment towards the brand grew a massive 42% while the campaign was running. The public loved idea that someone like Christie could be born with this crisp-whispering “gift”. Because who knows, maybe there’s more Crinklers out there and they just haven’t been found, yet.

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