Keep Discovering

Keep Discovering

Fáilte Ireland

Putting Ireland’s hidden gems on the map

Ireland is a country of incredible and varied natural beauty. But, while 92% of Irish people holiday every year, only 56% were taking a break in Ireland. Working with Fáilte Ireland, we knew if we could grow this by just 2% over the next 3 years, we’d generate a whopping €40 million extra per year for the economy. So how could we get more people to holiday at home?

By reminding them that Ireland offers the promise of discovery on your doorstep. Humans have an innate desire to explore. But, stressed and time-squeezed, we can’t embrace discovery as often as we’d like. Our campaign reminded people that a short break, the kind available just down the road, creates a space for discovery to thrive. It gives time to really take things in, to enjoy excitement and novelty. In short, a holiday at home has all the joy of discovery with none of the hassle.

The nucleus of the ‘Keep Discovering’ campaign is in urging people who think they ‘know’ Ireland to take a closer look and discover something new. Our film series covers the entire island of Ireland, digging deeper into individual counties than any Fáilte Ireland campaign had ever done before. Featuring street-cast, real characters we introduced Irish people to countless hidden gems across their country and encouraged them to ‘Keep Discovering’.