We're Brighter Together

Ireland’s largest energy supplier leads the country to a brighter energy future, demonstrating how we can come together to make a positive change.

Client: Electric Ireland

The Challenge

The climate emergency has fast become the biggest crisis facing this generation. As environmental concerns grow, Irish people are beginning to feel increasingly disempowered. Everyone is making small changes, but many are left wondering if this is enough. But, whilst one household can make small changes, over one million households doing the same can have a profound impact on the future of energy – and Ireland recognises the power of the collective more than most. Electric Ireland wanted to highlight such a truth.

The Idea

We’re brighter together.

At Electric Ireland we know the power and positivity that can be generated when we all come together, a fact reflected in every community and workplace, and in all the causes and codes we support. So as we look towards the future, where collective action will be more important than ever, together with our 1.1 million customers we can ensure a more sustainable, smart and inclusive Ireland.  We can help every household and business become smarter, make energy better understood, and mobilise our million-plus customer base to sustain the environment, community and our culture.

This is an idea that celebrates Electric Ireland’s scale as a positive for consumers. It is inclusive. It is reassuring. It is future-focused and acknowledges the environmental challenges ahead.

The Outcome

To launch the new platform, ROTHCO enlisted someone who had seen the energy of Ireland like no one else: Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield. In 2013, Hadfield tweeted images of Ireland that had been captured from the International Space Station, creating a moment of national pride. Accompanied with the message “Tá Éire fíorálainn” – Ireland is very beautiful – the images of the illuminated country sparked an instant connection with those back on Earth.

For Electric Ireland’s campaign, Hadfield reconnects with his love of Ireland as the launch video depicts the astronaut on the International Space Station, looking down on the country below. Speaking of Ireland, he notes “it’s beautiful by day, but when it was lit up, that’s when I got to see something really special.” As we focus in on the country, the energy of Ireland is revealed through the everyday lives of its inhabitants. We see people coming together and acting together – something Hadfield believes has never been more important. As someone who represents technology at its most inspiring, being an advocate for sustainability as a responsibility we all share, Hadfield’s unique perspective and universally respected voice is vital.

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