Black Spots

No one likes black spots, so eir got rid of them.

Client: eir

The Challenge

Ireland has some pretty remote towns and villages. So, mobile phone coverage black spots are a constant problem. That’s why Ireland’s largest telecom, eir, introduced WiFi calling – which eliminates coverage black spots by using WiFi to boost your signal. We needed to launch this complex new product and communicate its benefit to consumers in a way that they could easily understand.

The Idea

Research groups had underlined for us that consumers struggled to understand how this product worked. So, we needed to create a simple analogy for what WiFi Calling actually does. In Ireland people refer to areas of poor phone coverage as “black spots”. We realised that this was the simplest and clearest way of communicating the product – WiFi Calling gets rid of black spots. Once we had this insight, we pushed ourselves to bring this to life in the most surprising way we could.

The Outcome

We created a world first for press advertising for a market first product. We took over the entire Irish Daily Mail Magazine and removed every single black spot. Every full stop, every semi colon, every tittle on every ‘i’ and every ‘j’ was replaced with a colourful eir dot. Readers then found out the reason in a full-page advert for eir at the back of the magazine.

The Impact

A single placement in a newspaper with a circulation of 41,000 reached upwards of 6.7 million people, with 26 articles in 35 publications across 16 countries. The piece featured at Adweek as one of the 7 best print ideas of the year and it also brought new life to a medium in which people seldom innovate, overwhelming generating positive sentiment and mentions.


“Print isn’t dead. In fact it’s more insidious than ever.”


“A world first for print advertising.”


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