The Long Road to Pride

As the glitter settles on the proudest month of all, the older generation of the LGBTQ+ community remind us just how important Pride is. Join Dublin Bus on The Long Road To Pride.

Client: Dublin Bus

The Challenge

As a nation, Ireland has come so far in the last 26 years: we decriminalised homosexuality in 1993, we were the first country to vote ‘yes’ to marriage equality by popular vote, and now we have an openly gay head of state. Progress has come quickly, but there is still work left to do.

Of the 60,000 attendees at Dublin Pride 2018, less than 1% were over the age of 65. Despite their crucial role in the queer liberation movement, they are often forgotten and are more likely to have become disconnected from the community. So, although they’ve never needed it more, they can’t find a way in, even at Pride.

The Idea

Dublin Bus is one of the last places where people of all ages, backgrounds and orientations come together. But some of the elderly LGBTQ+ are not on board at Pride. This year, Dublin Bus decided to rectify this and give them the Pride they never had. They created a special route to bring them into the community. On one very special bus, the generations came together, and we took a journey on The Long Road to Pride.

The Outcome

On The Long Road to Pride we get an emotional look at some of the struggles faced by the older LGBTQ+ generations. The video reminds us of just how important Pride is as a beacon for individuals, communities and nations who are yet to come as far.

Just as Dublin Bus serve the entire community, we hope that this piece of work will serve as a reminder to the LGBTQ+ community that everyone is welcome at Pride, not least those who paved the way for the world we live in today.

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