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Racing across Dublin with Baz and Nancy.

Client: Dublin Bus

The Challenge

Central Control is the nerve centre of Dublin Bus that nobody knows about. We wanted the public to appreciate the lengths Dublin Bus go to to keep the buses running smoothly. But why would they even want to know? That was the challenge.

The Idea

We demonstrated just what they can do with a high-octane bus versus car race around Dublin town, ‘directed’ by the brilliant Central Control team.

The Outcome

We recruited comedian Baz Ashiwami and his Mammy Nancy – well-known for their TV series ‘50 ways to kill your Mammy’ – to participate in a crazy race across the city directed by Central Control. The resulting web series was enjoyed across the country.

The Impact

Without being bored in the least, people learned exactly what Central Control was and what it did. What’s more, it gave Dublin Bus a personality, helping people see beyond the service to a brand at the heart of their fair city.

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