Freedom of the City

Getting people to the most important destination of all, freedom.

Client: Dublin Bus

The Challenge

Access allows us all to live our lives, and for the vast majority of people, using public transport is something taken completely for granted. But there are 1 in 7 people in Ireland living with a disability. For those people simply being able to get the bus independently is a life changing experience. Dublin Bus run an incredible service called the Travel Assistance Scheme that does just that. The problem is that unless you’ve experienced the scheme, you wouldn’t know about it.

The Idea

The life changing power of getting the bus.

In order to show the life-changing impact of the Travel Assistance Scheme, we wanted to surprise and thank Roger – the employee behind the programme, and a man who has given the freedom of the city to more people than anyone in Dublin’s history – by reuniting him with 100+ people who have benefitted from the scheme, and by having his life’s work recognised by the current Lord Mayor of Dublin.

The Outcome

We wanted people who had experienced the scheme to be the voice of the campaign. The participant’s sheer love for Roger and the Travel Assistance Scheme said more than anything a typical ad could. To encourage the previous participants of the scheme to take part in our campaign, we went and met over 100 of them and some of their carers to encourage them to surprise Roger and thank him for all he does every day. Whilst their needs and disabilities vary, they all had one thing in common – a new found freedom in their lives.

As a result of this idea, Roger and the scheme have already been given an award at The Lord Mayor’s Awards 2019 giving the scheme valuable extra profile before the campaign was even launched.

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