Seize the Denny!

Inspiring Ireland through the spirit of Henry Denny.

Client: Kerry Foods

The Challenge

Henry Denny & Sons is a much-loved Irish brand, but over the last few years, the iconic brand had started to move into the background.

The Idea

Henry Denny & Sons isn’t just iconic, it’s iconic on a monumental scale. After spending some time looking into the brand’s history we discovered that Henry Denny himself was an incredible man. So incredible that he pioneered the world of meat as we know it today. What, you may ask, does that mean?

HENRY DENNY INVENTED THE RASHER! Yes, Henry Denny invented the rasher in 1846. He was a man who wanted to export pork across the world but couldn’t without it spoiling. By cutting the meat into thin strips and soaking it in brine, the meat could successfully travel, and rashers were born! It was exploration through preservation.

Henry Denny may be gone but that same spirit of being passionate, open-minded and sharing is still lived every day. It’s that philosophy of saying yes and going for it that we wanted to celebrate.

The Outcome

We were delighted to work with Kerry Foods to reposition such an iconic Irish brand. Their brand ambition was to inspire Ireland to ‘go for it’ no matter what their ‘it’ is.

When you’re open to what life has to offer, everyone gets more out of it. And that’s not confined to the big things in life. It can be those small moments of everyday bravery that once capitalised on, can be incredibly rewarding. Seize the Denny!

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