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Client: Defence Forces

The Challenge

Women weren’t joining the Irish Defence Forces. Research showed us it was because they assumed they weren’t a fit for the job. That was going to be a tough mindset to break, particularly with a small budget.

The Idea

A very small pool of women would consider careers in the military. In order to reach them we knew we would not be able to rely on mass media. Instead we used data to narrow our focus and find the people who fit: women who played team sports. They already possessed the key strengths needed to excel in Defence Forces. We worked out that we only needed 577 qualified leads to hit our target. With a mix of insight and ingenuity we created a potential audience of 22,800 which we could focus our campaign on.

The Outcome

We created an action-packed film that let them know that this was the career they’d been ‘training for all their lives’.  And we made sure they saw it too, because our data work meant we could hyper-target them on social media, not wasting a cent of our severely tight budget.

The Impact

Our audience was reached, and they responded. A media spend of just €750 led to a 65% jump in applications, which lead to 577 good, qualified leads.


1 x Silver Cannes Lion

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