Alcatraz Unlocked

How we used AI to unlock the fifty-year-old Alcatraz mystery.

Client: IdenTV

The Challenge

Most B2B tech offerings can be pretty cold and are easily ignorable. If we didn’t catch the imagination with what this AI can achieve, we would forever be another occupant of the ‘trash’ folder in people brains.

The Idea

What if we didn’t advertise the tech? What if we instead used a product demonstration of the tech to solve one of the oldest mysteries in US history?

The Outcome

Alcatraz Unlocked is a novel example of successfully applying the creative knowledge and digital tools of today to a hidden piece of the past. By unlocking the data in a fifty-year-old photo, we unlocked the answer to a fifty-year-old mystery.

The Impact

We engaged the world. The story was covered around the globe with 24 hours.

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