Seeing is Believing

Launching Ireland’s first online mortgage tool for AIB.

Client: AIB

The Challenge

The Home Buyers journey is notoriously slow, complicated, emotional and daunting. Customers often say applying for a mortgage is like being in ‘no man’s land’, not knowing where you stand at any point in the journey. This feeling is completely at odds with what we expect from life today, with instant gratification from the likes of Amazon, Domino’s and FreeNow. To tackle such a feeling, AIB launched My Mortgage – Ireland’s first online mortgage tool that allows people to feel in control of their application. Our task was to launch the tool to the Irish market, demonstrating its functionality and how it backs home buyers belief.

The Idea

Through our idea of ‘Seeing is Believing’ we dramatized the current house buying journey as one that makes you feel left in the dark, not able to see the way through. This sense of not knowing makes it difficult to keep the belief. AIB’s My Mortgage tool shows you the light, breaking it down into simple steps, so you can see where you’re going and keep believing. The more you use the tool, the more your belief builds, lighting a clear path forward.

Inspired by AIB’s 2018 ‘Belief is Everywhere’ campaign, we brought the application process to life using the strong aesthetic of light which was previously established by the brand

The Outcome

Working with Conkerco, a director duo from Academy Films, Rothco set out to craft a campaign that feels like an antidote to the darkness and worry associated with applying for a mortgage.

We created a heightened, imaginative world for the campaign, establishing an intentionally hazy atmosphere at the start to add a feeling of uncertainty around the couple in the film.

As their belief grows through the tool, so does the realism in the world. The lights lift as the couple becomes surer of themselves – ultimately ending up in the real world, basked in natural light outside their new home.

It is an out-and-out celebration of the light, with positive energy and a growing sense of optimism.

We created a 40” and 60″ TVC, OOH and Digital.

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