The Last Repayment

Transforming traditional mortgage commercials.

Client: AIB

The Challenge

The mortgage market was cluttered with the same familiar stories, making it hard to cut through to increasingly jaded customers. People felt like they had to go to great lengths to get the house they wanted, however, and were starting to lose faith that this would happen. We needed to look at mortgages in a different way and reinstill belief in our customers.

The Idea

People were tired of mortgage clichés. So we ditched the young-couple moving-in trope and decided to look at mortgages from a different perspective. We found customers who were about to pay off their AIB mortgage, and told their stories instead; looking back on how their belief got them the house that became their home.

We introduced the world to Mick and Kate, a real-life couple and customers of AIB celebrating the last day of their mortgage.

The Outcome

We teamed up with award-winning director Zak Emerson to tell the story of Mick and Kate’s personal journey from down payment to reaching the very last day of their mortgage. As their memories unfold, we see their story come to life with old photos, prized processions and old camcorder footage of their children who are now grown up.

The Impact

We created cut-through in a cluttered market for AIB, and a renewed belief in the dream of home ownership for hopeful home owners.

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