Belief is Everywhere

Promoting AIB’s ‘belief’-led mortgage services.

Client: AIB

The Challenge

The journey to becoming a homeowner can be long and hard and it takes incredible belief to know that your efforts all lead to a home of your own. AIB recognise that belief and we back it every day.

The Idea

We wanted to show the many different people and homes that have been created by belief and demonstrate how AIB back that belief every day across Ireland.

The Outcome

We teamed up with Academy Films’ Si&Ad, and set out to create a film that the whole of Ireland could relate to and with that include as many diverse types of architecture.

As we travel across the country, our journey is lead by the soundtrack of the ad, a music box instrumentation of Blur’s ‘Tender’. As each note is played, it lights up a window of another Irish home.

To make the ad authentic, an actual music box and punch card were created to play the soundtrack. The music box punch card was then used to create a map of windows and the locations were chosen to match the exact notes that the music box plays. All of the locations were then shot and stitched seamlessly together to create a single shot that takes the viewer all the way from the west coast of Ireland to the east coast.

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