A Shred of Decency

Recycling ugly lies into beautiful confetti.

Client: Daintree Paper
Website: shredofdecency.ie

The Challenge

The new owners of Daintree Paper needed to restore their reputation after the anti-gay views of the previous owner had resulted in a boycott from members of the public. They wanted to do this by showing their support for Marriage Equality in the forthcoming referendum.

The Idea

Daintree make beautiful things out of paper. So when paper was used to print some pretty ugly lies in the run up to Ireland’s Marriage Equality Referendum, we helped them do something about it.

Our idea was simple. We collected any negative and dishonest flyers, leaflets and online literature and recycled them into beautiful confetti. Then we sold the confetti on a nifty, new microsite and over the counter at Daintree’s little shop in Dublin, with all proceeds going towards the Yes Equality campaign. The more literature that was printed, the more confetti we made. The more lies that were told, the more money we raised for marriage equality.

The Outcome

A Shred of Decency brought much-needed attention to the lies and misinformation being spun on same sex marriage in the run up to the referendum. The campaign also gave Daintree a firm stance on their vote, and allowed them to support marriage equality the best way they knew how – with beautiful paper.

The Impact

Our confetti spread across the world, with 62 million impressions in earned editorial coverage and 62.25 million social media impressions. All with a €0 media budget.


1 x Gold ADFX, 2 x Gold ICADs


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