From: A. Period

From: A. Period


Giving periods a voice to make period talk comfortable.

In 2022, an internal survey in Accenture Song highlighted that 1/3 people found talking about periods at work unprofessional and uncomfortable – whether they menstruate, or not. Our brief was to tell everyone who worked at Accenture Song that period talk was normal and accepted.

Because periods didn’t have a voice in the workplace, we gave it one. Enter A. Period, a human-sized uterus, with ovaries as hands, and a cutting sense of humour. The campaign launched through bold emails and internal videos, returning every 28 days or so.

A. Period was a red hot success, with email engagement 5 x higher than any previous internal comms. And a whopping 93% percent of employees watched the videos until the end. It was a big, bold response, changing things for the better for all.

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