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Date: 13 October, 2017

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This week our Instagram feed has been handed over to Rothco Creative Director Stephen Rogers. He is currently attending a photography course in NCAD to hone his camera skills. His first project is on the comings and goings of his local park on the North side of the city.

How a walk in my local park turned into a photography project.

Parks are an essential part of city living. In Dublin, where square footage can cost you two arms and six legs and gardens are seen as a luxury, a public park can play the role of one massive back garden for the whole community. For some the park is a running track. Others a football stadium. The odd few a place to people watch.


Fairview Park was my local park for 4 years. At the time of living in Fairview I had an infant son so it was the perfect racetrack for blurry eyed pram walks at the weekend. It’s a beautiful park with an unfortunate bad reputation. By day it’s a buzz with people. By night it’s considered a no go area. Most of the headlines it gets are negative. For this reason I wanted to do my first college project on the park and the people that fill it day in day out, and make it great.






I love taking pictures. Especially portraits. People fascinate me. Using “real people” in advertising has been a bit of a thing for a while, but I think it can be used lazily. The recent social videos our team worked on for eir shows, in my humble opinion, how it can be done well… holding a mirror up to “folk” and making sure to not get in the way of their genuine humour, quirks, imperfection and personality. You just have to set yourself up in the right way to capture it and guide it to be the best it can be. A lot like photography.



Check out Ste’s takeover on our Instagram.

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