Love is All Around

Date: 19 February, 2018

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Last week left many of us sick of the L word.

So, our cultural strategist Cat Shaw-Halford took the opportunity to explore how the definition of love is changing and the new ways people are celebrating it.

Valentine’s day bombarded our Instagram with date night selfies, rose-filled bouquets and #truelove (vom). Good news though, we are starting to see a change in attitude, and Valentine’s day may no longer be exclusive to those in a relationship.


How Is This Trend Emerging?

Card retailer Clinton Cards, are seeing a growing proportion of their annual Valentine’s day sales being driven by people sending their nearest and dearest cards to show their love, as people re-interpret old traditions.


It would appear that love on Valentine’s Day is no longer reserved for those in relationships. Family members sharing cards, and new traditions such as Galentine’s Day on February 13th, are changing how we think about and celebrate love.

Clintons, which offered its widest range of card options ever this year, said that sales of family Valentine’s cards have been rising by 20% each year, and non-romantic messages flying off the shelves. “Valentine’s Day has always been about showing your affection towards loved ones,” said Nicola Miller, head of cards at Clintons. “It’s evolved over the years and for many, it’s another occasion to celebrate those closest to you, whether that be mums, dads or siblings.”


Young people are embracing this changing attitude, using the time to celebrate their nearest and dearest pals. Galentine’s day is celebrated on February 13th and is defined by Urban Dictionary is a day “you celebrate your love for your lady friends, single or not.” Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope first coined the term in 2010 and described it as “only the best day of the year.” You can buy cards, clothes and even decorations for the occasion, all in the name of hanging out with the gals and drinking wine. (Treat yo’self!)


What does this mean to us?

This year 38% of Britons didn’t celebrate Valentine’s day, and three quarters think it’s becoming far too commercialised. The UK is also seeing its lowest marriage rate in history. This trend is a great opportunity for brands to embrace a wider definition of love around this time of year; celebrating families, friends and #squadgoals.

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