Dublin Taxi Drivers on Love

By Sarah Walsh&Kileen

Date: 10 February, 2016

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Anyone who lives in or has visited Dublin knows the joy of our taxi drivers. Chatting to the driver is usually half the fun of getting to where you’re going – the banter, the humour, the unrivalled clarity on life in our fair city.

Taxi drivers know their stuff and they’re not afraid to express their opinion. Ever tried to disagree with a taxi driver on a matter of public opinion? It’s hard to argue with someone who has already done their own 1,000 respondent in-depth qualitative study on a nationally representative sample… Even if their respondents didn’t know they were being researched.

They are our friends. they are our confidants. they are our shrinks.

Irish taxi drivers are so much more than chauffeurs who take us from A to B. They are our friends. They are our confidants. They are our shrinks (except they’re not bound by patient-doctor privilege… You should hear some of the things they’ve told us people say and do in the backseat).

Taxi Driver Report is a new series which explores topical issues using taxi drivers as a conduit of public opinion. Starting in Ireland, we’ll soon be hailing down cabs in cities across the world to provide a completely unique global perspective.

Meet a few of our Dublin regulars in our first episode “Dublin Taxi Drivers on Love”, who give us their own personal thoughts on what love is – giving you the feels just in time for Valentines Day.

For any enquiries or requests to do a Taxi Driver Report for your own brand please contact curiosityshop@rothco.ie.

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