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Date: 23 June, 2020

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Darius Pasalar

By Darius Pasalar

Senior Strategist
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Want is a bit of a slippery fish. It’s sometimes hard to grasp and when you snare it, it’s not always what you expected. Unless it actually was a fish you wanted, and even still it’s just going to be cold, wet and slippery. As we move into being able to get back out into the world, the collective wants and how they’ve changed are becoming apparent. As Tamara has outlined in her article, the world is changing to accommodate and meet what we now want.

This week’s reading list looks to peek beyond the collective into communities and groups that have been radically affected by the pandemic, and whose wants need to be addressed.

1Isolation and loneliness for women

Lockdown has drawn into focus the gender divide in lots of different ways. Be it re-establishing gendered ideals around who looks after the home, to domestic violence. This piece focuses on the higher level of isolation and loneliness felt by women and some of the reasons behind it.

Of course this study isn’t indicative of every woman, but it shows us that for some women, they have vital needs that shouldn’t be ignored as we leave lockdown.

2Ireland’s LGBT+ youth coming out of lockdown

June is Pride month and last year marked 50 years since Stonewall, which makes it even more heartbreaking that 93% of young gay people across Ireland are suffering with depression due to the lockdown. 93% is a huge number and support through charities and organisations across Ireland has never been more important, especially as Pride will be heavily affected this year by the ban on mass gatherings. Read more here.

3Mad for those pets

Lockdown has led to an increase in pet ownership in Ireland, which is great. I myself very briefly fostered a Pitbull called Kevin. As this audience of pet owners grow and expand, I was struck by this example from India, showing a different way of loving a pet. For the small price of $40 a month, people are enjoying a virtual pet. What I love about this is that the need for companionship may be old, but this is a fresh solution.

4Getting out for the visually impaired and blind

Everyone has struggled with aspects of lockdown, but some people have specific needs which have been greatly challenged by social distancing and the lockdown. This report by NCBI outlines the effects this time has had on the visually impaired and blind. Here we are posed with a difficult challenge for a group of people with very specific needs. Finding solutions to how people can exercise are underway through the programme, but creativity and innovation are needed more than ever.

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