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Date: 26 May, 2020

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Darius Pasalar

By Darius Pasalar

Senior Strategist
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That question mark is an important bit of punctuation. This week’s curated reading list has that question mark hanging around like a dinner party guest that just won’t get the hint, even though you’re in a bathrobe and the dishwasher is packed up for the evening.

Lockdowns are starting to be eased in countries around the world, but questions surrounding second waves also prevail. Questions are something I personally feel we should embrace. This experience has made us all ask the big questions that perhaps we should have spoken up about earlier. Like the level of investment in our health care systems, or wondering what the future of cities will look.

So, lets jump into some of those questions shall we?

1Feasting on Fantasy. Disney+: hero or villain?

The Guardian long read (or audio long listen, trust me it’s a good one for when you’re ironing) charts the monumental rise of Disney+. Who, let’s be honest from a timing’s point of view, lucked out. But there’s more to this story than animated wonder that’s sure to make many of you wonder about the new streaming platform. Read more here.

"Disney’s new streaming service arrived in the UK just as the Coronavirus lockdown kicked in. With so many hours to fill, it seemed like a sensible investment. Pretty soon, it was infiltrating my every waking hour."

2What will a post pandemic hotel look like?

UK architecture studio The Manser Practice has outlined how hotels will be adapted to allow social distancing when they reopen, and how future designs will be impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. How we’ll all interact with space is all up for grabs now, and it opens up a new world of experiences and touch points. Read more here.

3Taking testing into your own hands?

Mammoth has developed a home Covid-19 test that they’re claiming to have available to buy over the counter by the end of the year. By putting the knowledge of testing into consumer’s hands will they be empowered? Will the test hail a new relationship with home testing? Here’s one thing I do know: Mammoth are designing the tests in the same format as pregnancy tests - that’s just crying out for comical bathroom moments. Read more here.

“It’s the ultimate use case for CRISPR,” says Trevor Martin, the CEO of Mammoth. “Our vision is that it would be in the format of a pregnancy test.”

4Have we developed a new relationship with sports, diet and exercise?

The YouGov report charts not only the rise in exercise in the UK, but also the impact this has had on consumer spending. So even if the exercise doesn’t persist after post lockdown, at least they’ll have all the gear for wave two. Read more here.

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