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Date: 3 April, 2020

Stuff we did

Jimi McGrath

By Jimi McGrath

Managing Partner

Finding a way

The last three weeks have been challenging as we all work from home. Emails, calls, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and the rest allow us to stay connected but it feels very different. Despite these unprecedented new challenges, our goal is still business as normal – or business as new normal – and we’re continuing to push to deliver for all our clients.

Here’s a few stories of just getting things done, and in particular, how inventive we’ve had to be in producing work during this time.

Here is a picture of Marie Ruane. Marie is our voiceover artist for Tesco, who’ve been doing stellar work in response to Covid-19. In order to keep things going without a studio, Marie had to find the perfect location to record new scripts without interference. That perfect place was inside her wardrobe.

We had a similar situation on some support work we developed for the HSE with Failte Ireland. The plan was for our voiceover artist, Donal Gallery, to record the script in a studio in London. But that studio was closed following restrictions put in place by the UK Government. Donal tried a number of spaces in his apartment and eventually found a spot that worked – under his duvet.

The gang on Woodies developed social content to inform customers of safety measures they had introduced to all stores. Our Art Director, Steve Clifford, wanted to go with an illustrative style, but needed to urgently brief a brilliant illustrator. His suggestion: Tony Clifford. Tony is Steve’s brother. They live together. It worked, and they got it turned around in no time.

And finally, there’s the story of our Digital Daffodil Day launch with the Irish Cancer Society. One of the biggest fundraising days for this amazing charity was going to be pulled, as people were asked to stay at home. The fundraiser is a supporter of Night Nurses across the country, allowing them to offer a service that is vital to patients and their families.

The gang was set up and they worked relentlessly to deliver a whole new digital campaign. The film they produced shows a number of people talking about the importance of the Night Nurse service to their own family. There was no cameraman or sound engineers. Those on screen had to film themselves with their own phones.

Some contributors were unsure of how to effectively use the camera – but the team gave all the advice and support possible to help them capture their stories. The result is a piece of real and emotive content that has generated national PR and huge donations. The gang responsible delivered all of that in only five days.

These are just a few incredible examples – from just the last two weeks! – of how agile our people are and how inherently excited we are to tackle hard things.

It’s the same buzz that gets us up every ‘normal’ morning to go to our office and solve any and every kind of business problem with creativity alongside our clients.

We’re just doing it from home now.

See you online!