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Date: 7 July, 2020

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Jimi McGrath
Emily Lyons

By Jimi McGrath & Emily Lyons

Managing Partner & Account Director
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We're all hearing the resounding echo of ‘finally!’ as the lockdown starts to lift and our worlds start to look more familiar again, and as with all communications, our reality is often reflected in what we consume. It’s refreshing to see brand communications reflect that which is happening in society and culture. We’re seeing production options open back up, we’re seeing the narrative and tone shift into one of positivity, and a sense of escapism and freedom is creeping back onto the airwaves. We’ve been busy launching brand communications back into the world.

Around the World Island

As lockdown eases we’re all itching to get away and have a jolly good time again, and in the summertime that means holidays! During Covid-19, Fáilte Ireland have been supporting their colleagues in the HSE to ensure our country had the best possible response to Covid-19. And whilst the campaign, ‘Hold Firm’ that we helped them develop, continues to keep our country safe, Fáilte Ireland have now been able to turn their attention back to the core of what they do, that is promoting domestic tourism. This is something that keeps the heart of our economy pumping.

Holidaying at home has never felt so attractive, and it was with that attitude that we were able to get stuck into creating a campaign, that we could only describe as giddy to get stuck into.


With the excitement of the country opening back up again, our ‘Make a break for it’ campaign encapsulates this. The campaign took a remote crew across counties all over the country. The piece brings us on several fast-paced journeys across the country with families and friends, giving the viewer the nod to get out there and enjoy a trip to one of Ireland’s many holiday destinations.

Everyone can relate to that pre-holiday feeling of pure excitement. It’s not just a national feeling it’s a worldwide feeling. ‘Make a break for it’ captures this universal feeling against the beautiful backdrop of Ireland.

The beat of everyday life is switching back on

With most of the country at a standstill due to COVID, ESB Networks continued to keep every home, business, shop and hospital powered. We saw many businesses across the country turning off their lights and shutting up shop. Fortunately, as we’re coming out of lockdown, those lights are beginning to shine again with many businesses operating as usual as the restrictions have eased. We’re delighted for many reasons, we can now enjoy the many things we’ve missed, we can also show you our new work depicting the essential work that ESB Networks does for our country every day, work that’s never been more important. To encapsulate the role ESB Networks play in our everyday, a track was created using a clever use of sound that encompassed the ‘music’ of everyday life. Music that without ESB Networks, wouldn’t be possible.


Without the ability to shoot any visuals, our track was then brought to life using stock visuals that had to be matched up precisely to every beat. Sound designer, Denis Kilty, and Rothco’s very own in-house wizard, Gabriel Teixeira, were more than up to the task, with more than a little help from the meticulous Sam Caren.

The result is an uplifting and joyous piece of music that builds from what you see on screen, before breaking out into a chorus of bright vocals – giving us a little taste of just how ESB Networks keeps the country humming.

The Claw hits our shore

2020 was the summer of Covid-19, but it’ll also be remembered (by a very particular audience) as the summer White Claw hit our shores in Ireland & the UK. With alcohol sales reaching new highs as everyone battened down the hatches to stay home, it was an unlikely yet optimum time to launch this groundbreaking drink. And also it is very satisfying to see a brand we helped create, and have worked on for over four years now, return home. Similar to state-side, White Claw’s launch here has been a phenomenal success. As the weekly trip to the supermarket had become the highlight of our week, the new addition to the drinks aisle was a more-than-welcome one. A wave of pure refreshment.


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