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Date: 8 April, 2020

Stuff we did

Jimi McGrath

By Jimi McGrath

Managing Partner

As we approach the Easter break there is no doubt that many will take the time to reflect on how we are working through this crisis. Our new routines, how we are set up at home, even how disciplined we are in closing down our laptops at the right time. Have we got the balance right and what improvements can we make for the weeks ahead?

It will also be a time to look at how brands have reacted to date. More and more brands are taking it upon themselves to simply be more useful to customers during the crisis and as we look at the work going through the agency at the minute, there is a lot of evidence to support that approach.

One of our clients frequently host large scale events bringing thought leadership and training workshops to small business owners across EMEA. In response to the crisis we are working with them in digitising all of this content. It is a massive undertaking and requires investment but the alternative would see an audience in desperate need of support, missing out on valuable training and advice.

Our strategy team are working on various white papers and then collaborating with experts in each field to present the findings to specific audiences. We are producing webinars with speakers from across EMEA covering a number of topics and even though these are being presented in the absence of a professional studio (see visual) the content addresses the needs of business owners operating in the most challenging environment.

The response has been quick, supportive and agile. But most importantly comes from an understanding of the needs of small business owners and the role the brand can play to be useful.

So many people are using this time to hone their skills or learn new ones in anything from digital training to baking in the kitchen. The gang working with Powers Whiskey saw it as an opportunity to demonstrate how to make the perfect Irish Coffee. Brand Ambassador Derek King, took to Instagram Live with his own take on this Irish classic with freshly brewed coffee, soft brown muscovado sugar, dark chocolate, fresh cream and 35ml of Powers Gold Label. A skill worth learning!

As we are on the topic of whiskey, we should take a moment to recognise our partners in Irish Distillers and the team in Midleton for their incredible proactivity in producing much needed hand sanitizers for our frontline healthcare workers. A gesture of real leadership that will go a long way to help those who are helping so many.

For those in need of help in setting up your Easter Egg hunt at home this weekend then take a look at Tesco’s social channels where this week they are posting tips on hiding places and tricks for the kids. The team are also working closely with Irish Illustrator Paula McGloin in developing a special message for kids in press for Easter Sunday. We wanted to show thought leadership on Easter, so we went straight to the very top. All will be revealed on Sunday.

Again, this is just a snippet of all the great work going through the agency at the minute. More and more brands are taking on the challenges that Covid-19 presents and it is amazing to see our people working closely with our clients to lead the way. More to come in the weeks ahead.